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Video Tour TurinTurin is much more than the sum of its monuments: an urban cosmos teeming with ideas and culture, a large part of its appeal lies in its enchanting geographic position at the foot of the western Alpine arch, watched over by the snow-capped peaks.
Italy's first capital offers incomparable vistas in the town centre streets and the long colonnaded boulevards, balanced between the measured sumptuousness of Piedmont Baroque and the rational Roman town planning. It allures by welcoming visitors to the aristocratic and imposing spaces of Piazza Castello, the historic centre of the city, while its historical cafés and restaurants prove that it is queen of taste and conviviality: so it is impossible to not be tempted by the lively pace of its citizens, particularly the 'aperitif' time and the ritual of drinking chocolate, the legacy of that famous charm whose chief exponent are the Royal Residences, listed “World Heritage Sites” by UNESCO in 1997.
The city is also assuming a new appearance thanks to its role as the capital of contemporary art and to the particular attention dedicated to innovative architecture on the heritage of its industrial soul. The best example of this changes are the Lingotto complex, an imposing industrial building renewed and turned into new spaces with new uses, and the so called “Olympic district” realized for Torino's Twentieth Winter Olympic Games in 2006.
Moreover the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Indoor Sport Arena (also called “Palaisozaki” by the name of the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki), and the Oval Olympic Arena are just some impressive projects proving Turin’s yearnings towards future and progress. And don’t miss the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi!
with the “ROYAL RESIDENCES” tour you will delve into a versatile, dynamic city that will amaze you with its artistic heritage, traditions, passion for sports and modernity.
Pre-recorded commentary in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian with a special junior version (Italian and English on Line A) for kids!
Please visit the to discover the extraordinary possibilities and all the special deals for make your stay in Turin unforgettable.

  Tour Details
  Bus Terminal:
  Line A - Torino Centro: Piazza Castello
  Line B - Torino Inedita: Piazza Castello
  Line C - Residenze Reali: Piazza Castello
  Line A - Torino Centro: 60'
  Line B - Torino Inedita: 90'
  Line C - Residenze Reali: 110'
  Line A - Torino Centro: 60'
  Line B - Torino Inedita: 120' 4 tours a day
  Line C - Residenze Reali: 120' 4 tours a day
  Line A - Torino Centro: all year round
  Line B - Torino Inedita: from April to November
  Linea C - Residenze Reali: from Jun. 20 to Nov. 11, 2014:
  friday, saturday, sunday
  Valid ticket:
  24 hrs ticket lines A, B or C
  48 hrs ticket 3 lines
  Lines A/B/C: Multilingual Commentary
  Line A: Commentario Multilingua
Wheelchair welcome
  Wheelchair welcome
  Line A o B: € 16,00
  Promotional Line C: € 10,00*
  2 Lines: € 20,00
  3 Lines: € 25,00
  Children (between 5 – 15 years old):
  Line A o B: € 8,00
  Promotional Line C: € 5,00*
  2 Lines: € 10,00
  3 Lines: € 12,00
  Family (2 adults + 3 children):
  Line A or B: € 48,00
  Line A+B: € 60,00
Free under 5 years
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